Highest District SAT Scores in Region

For the second year in a row, the Lumpkin County School
System has topped the charts as the school system with the
highest SAT Score in the Pioneer RESA region. This news
comes just a week after Lumpkin County Schools announced
that they were also the top system in Pioneer RESA and 13th in the state on the ACT for the class of 2018.

The Lumpkin County School System ranks 16th for all
Georgia school systems. With a score of 1099, LCSS is higher
than both the state average of 1054 and the national average
of 1049.
Superintendent Dr. Rob Brown shared, “We’ve been
anticipating the release of 2018 SAT scores, and I am excited
with our performance. Our entire school system, from
elementary to high school, is full of dedicated, determined
educators working tirelessly for the betterment of our
students. It is rewarding to see their hard work and
commitment to excellence reflected in meaningful data. We
are very proud of this accomplishment, as we are with all of
the innovative features and successes taking place across our
county in and out of our classrooms. Our students graduate
from high school career-and-college ready, and we will
continue raising the bar each year!”

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